In Spark Your *Outlier* Story I’ll show how you to:


  • Write through blocks and tackle difficult subject matter


  • Focus and organize your material


  • Craft your experiences into shapely, compelling narratives

  • Create a deep connection with readers

  • Surprise and delight editors who’ve “seen it all”


...all by learning about the combined power of

form and craft.


Spark Your Outlier Story
Course Description


This self study program invites you to explore the creative possibilities of flash non-fiction, the prose poem, lyric essay, and hermit crab essay.


You’ll read sample essays by Dinty W. Moore, Brenda Miller, Randon Billings Noble, Isaac Yuen, Christine Byl, Kristina Moriconi, Laisha Rosnau, and Susan Olding that exemplify how form and craft work together to create powerful stories.


In addition to the course readings, author Q + A's and skill-building pre-writing exercises, you'll be invited to complete four new creative nonfiction projects—one essay in each form.

By the end of the program, you'll understand the importance of structure for crafting memorable stories, and will have the tools to write stronger, more powerful personal narratives.


Whether you’re new to creative non-fiction—or an experienced writer ready to get experimental! — this course has everything you need to start telling your stories in innovative new ways that will connect with readers and make an unforgettable impact.





You’ll deconstruct non-linear and genre-bending

narratives by a diverse selection of writers. You’ll

also learn how to revise and where to publish.


You’ll study essential tools and techniques

borrowed from poets and fiction writers that will

make your stories more compelling and memorable.

Q & A

You’ll dig deeper into process, inspiration and craft

in interviews with established writers working in

each of these "outlier" forms.


You’ll spark new story ideas with exercises designed

to tap intuition, improve craft skills, and ignite a first

draft of each written assignment.





Hi! I'm Nicole Breit

  • Award winning poet and essayist residing on Canada's gorgeous Sunshine Coast.


  • Creative writing teacher whose passion is to help writers discover new ways to shape their memories into well-crafted narratives.


Ready to get experimental?